SoCo 0.8 release notes

New Features

  • Re-added support for Python 2.6 (#154)

  • Added SoCo.get_sonos_playlists() (#114)

  • Added methods for working with speaker topology

  • retrieves the soco.groups.ZoneGroup to which the speaker belongs (#132). The group itself has a soco.groups.ZoneGroup.member attribute returning all of its members. Iterating directly over the group is possible as well.

  • Speakers can be grouped using soco.SoCo.join() (#136):

    z1 = SoCo('')
    z2 = SoCo('')
  • soco.SoCo.all_zones and soco.SoCo.visible_zones return all and all visible zones, respectively.

  • soco.SoCo.is_bridge indicates if the SoCo instance represents a bridge.

  • soco.SoCo.is_coordinator indicates if the SoCo instance is a group coordinator (#166)

  • A new soco.plugins.spotify.Spotify plugin allows querying and playing the Spotify music catalogue (#119):

    from soco.plugins.spotify import Spotify
    from soco.plugins.spotify import SpotifyTrack
    # create a new plugin, pass the soco instance to it
    myplugin = Spotify(device)
    print 'index: ' + str(myplugin.add_track_to_queue(SpotifyTrack('
    print 'index: ' + str(myplugin.add_album_to_queue(SpotifyAlbum('
  • A soco.data_structures.URI item can be passed to add_to_queue which allows playing music from arbitrary URIs (#147)

    import soco
    from soco.data_structures import URI
    soc = soco.SoCo('...ip_address...')
    uri = URI('')
  • A new include_invisible parameter to can be used to retrieve invisible speakers or bridges (#146)

  • A new timeout parameter to If no zones are found within timeout seconds None is returned. (#146)

  • Network requests can be cached for better performance (#131).

  • It is now possible to subscribe to events of a service using its method, which returns a object. To unsubscribe, call the method on the returned object. (#121, #130)

  • Support for reading and setting crossfade (#165)


  • Performance improvements for speaker discovery (#146)

  • Various improvements to the Wimp plugin (#140).

  • Test coverage tracking using (#163)

Backwards Compatability

  • Queue related use 0-based indexing consistently (#103)

  • soco.SoCo.get_speakers_ip() is deprecated in favour of (#124)