SoCo 0.14 release notes

SoCo 0.14 is a new version of the SoCo library. This release adds new features and fixes several bugs.

SoCo (Sonos Controller) is a simple Python class that allows you to programmatically control Sonos speakers.

New Features and Improvements

  • Add support for Sonos favorites, which can now be browsed and played through the usual methods. (#478)

  • Revised the play_local_files examples including a off-by-one bug fix, configuration as command line argument, IP address auto detection and more robust Sonos player selection. (#570)

  • Allow keyword arguments in Service commands (#573)

  • Handle QueueID properly in event xml. (#546)

  • Further documentation updates (#540, #569)


  • Small bugfix to stop an error where None would be returned by metadata.findtext. Instead, an empty string is returned. (#539)

  • Fix a race that could lead to events being missed shortly after a subscription was started. (#533)

  • Don’t throw exceptions when parsing metadata with missing/empty tags, to fix event errors. (#467)