SoCo 0.20 release notes

SoCo 0.20 is the latest increment to the SoCo module. Among the additions this time are support for adding stereo pairs, proper categorization of Sonos Amp as a playbar to add proper support for ‘night sound’ and ‘speech enhancement’ and finally a fix for a long running issue where vendor extended DIDL-Lite classes would cause events to crash without specific code added for each one. See the full list of additions and bugfixes below.

SoCo (Sonos Controller) is a Python package that allows you to programmatically control Sonos speakers.

New Features and Improvements

  • Add support for creating and separating stereo pairs of speakers. Note: works with dissimilar Sonos speakers if required. Pull request #704.

  • Add support for autogenerating vendor extended DIDL-Lite classes. Pull request #713. This should fix all the problems where SoCo would crash if some vendor specific data type is unknown.

  • Categorize Sonos Amp as a playbar in order to provide support for ‘night sound’ and ‘speech enhancement’. Pull request #721

  • If port 1400 is in use, the next available 100 ports will be tried. Pull request #724.


  • Fix bug where data_structures_upgrade would fail on items that has no uri. Issue #702.

  • Process share browsing correctly. Issue #717. Credit to @Sonosy for the fix.

Developer improvements

  • Format all soco main, test and example code with the black code formatter ( and make it mandatory going forward including a TravisCI check. Pull request #706.

  • Improve test_remove_playlist_bad_id() to handle the case of no existing playlists. Pull request #726, fixes issue #725.