SoCo 0.18 release notes

SoCo 0.18 adds lots of small improvements to the events functionality plus a major addition in the form of allowing choice of how the event listener is implemented. Besides that there is a logging improvement. Details are below.

SoCo (Sonos Controller) is a Python package that allows you to programmatically control Sonos speakers.

New Features and Improvements

  • Allow the user to choose how the event listener is implemented and a lot of other event code improvements as outlined below. (Pull request #602).

    • A major feature addition is to allow the user to choose how the event listener is implemented. The default is for the event listener to use the requests library and run in a thread. This update allows the user to run the event listener using the twisted.internet library, by setting the config.EVENTS_MODULE module to point to the soco.events_twisted module. See the example in events_twisted.

    • Stops the event listener when the last active subscription is unsubscribed.

    • Raise soco.exceptions.SoCoException on an attempt to subscribe a subscription more than once (use instead).

    • Allow an optional strict parameter for, and If set to False, Exceptions will be logged rather than raised. Default: True

    • Upon autorenewal, call with the strict flag set to False, so that any Exception is logged, not raised. This is because there is no calling code to catch an Exception.

    • Provide for calling code to set to refer to a callback function. If an Exception occurs upon autorenewal, this callback will be called with the Exception as the sole parameter.

    • If an Exception occurs upon subscribe() or renew(), cancel the subscription, unless the Exception was a SoCoException on subscribe(). For example, if an Exception occurs because the network went down, the subscription will be canceled.

    • Use a threading lock with subscribe(), renew() and unsubscribe(), because autorenewal occurs from a thread.

  • Add a simple soco.data_structures.DidlPlaylistContainerTracklist class to the soco.data_structures module (Pull request #645). The class is used by Sonos when Sonos Speakers are controlled by Spotify Connect. The absence of the class from the data_structures module causes errors. This fixes the error message reported in pull request #639.

  • Remove logging of UPnP failures (Pull request #640