Release notes

Version 0.6

New features

  • Music library information: Several methods has been added to get information about the music library. It is now possible to get e.g. lists of tracks, albums and artists.
  • Raise exceptions on errors: Several SoCo specific exceptions has been added. These exceptions are now raised e.g. when SoCo encounters communications errors instead of returning an error codes. This introduces a backwards incompatible change in SoCo that all users should be aware of.

For SoCo developers

  • Added plugin framework: A plugin framework has been added to SoCo. The primary purpose of this framework is to provide a natural partition of the code, in which code that is specific to the individual music services is separated out into its own class as a plugin. Read more about the plugin framework in the docs.
  • Added unit testing framework: A unit testing framework has been added to SoCo and unit tests has been written for 30% of the methods in the SoCo class. Please consider supplementing any new functionality with the appropriate unit tests and fell free to write unit tests for any of the methods that are still missing.

Coming next

  • Data structure change: For the next version of SoCo it is planned to change the way SoCo handles data. It is planned to use classes for all the data structures, both internally and for in- and output. This will introduce a backwards incompatible change and therefore users of SoCo should be aware that extra work will be needed upon upgrading from version 0.6 to 0.7. The data structure changes will be described in more detail in the release notes for version 0.7.