Source code for soco.exceptions

# Disable while we have Python 2.x compatability
# pylint: disable=useless-object-inheritance

"""Exceptions that are used by SoCo."""

[docs]class SoCoException(Exception): """Base class for all SoCo exceptions."""
[docs]class UnknownSoCoException(SoCoException): """An unknown UPnP error. The exception object will contain the raw response sent back from the speaker as the first of its args. """
[docs]class SoCoUPnPException(SoCoException): """A UPnP Fault Code, raised in response to actions sent over the network. """ def __init__(self, message, error_code, error_xml, error_description=""): """ Args: message (str): The message from the server. error_code (str): The UPnP Error Code as a string. error_xml (str): The xml containing the error, as a utf-8 encoded string. error_description (str): A description of the error. Default is "" """ super().__init__() self.message = message self.error_code = error_code self.error_description = error_description self.error_xml = error_xml def __str__(self): return self.message
[docs]class CannotCreateDIDLMetadata(SoCoException): """ .. deprecated:: 0.11 Use `DIDLMetadataError` instead. """
[docs]class DIDLMetadataError(CannotCreateDIDLMetadata): """Raised if a data container class cannot create the DIDL metadata due to missing information. For backward compatibility, this is currently a subclass of `CannotCreateDIDLMetadata`. In a future version, it will likely become a direct subclass of `SoCoException`. """
[docs]class MusicServiceException(SoCoException): """An error relating to a third party music service."""
[docs]class UnknownXMLStructure(SoCoException): """Raised if XML with an unknown or unexpected structure is returned."""
[docs]class SoCoSlaveException(SoCoException): """Raised when a master command is called on a slave."""
[docs]class SoCoNotVisibleException(SoCoException): """Raised when a command intended for a visible speaker is called on an invisible one."""
[docs]class NotSupportedException(SoCoException): """Raised when something is not supported by the device"""
[docs]class EventParseException(SoCoException): """Raised when a parsing exception occurs during event handling. Attributes: tag (str): The tag for which the exception occured metadata (str): The metadata which failed to parse __cause__ (Exception): The original exception """ def __init__(self, tag, metadata, cause): """ Args: tag (str): The tag for which the exception occured metadata (str): The metadata which failed to parse cause (Exception): The original exception """ super().__init__() self.tag = tag self.metadata = metadata self.__cause__ = cause def __str__(self): return "Invalid metadata for '{}'".format(self.tag)
[docs]class SoCoFault: """Class to represent a failed object instantiation. It rethrows the exception on common use. Attributes: exception: The exception which will be thrown on use """ def __init__(self, exception): """ Args: exception (Exception): The exception which should be thrown on use """ self.__dict__["exception"] = exception def __getattr__(self, name): raise self.exception def __setattr__(self, name, value): raise self.exception def __getitem__(self, item): raise self.exception def __setitem__(self, key, value): raise self.exception def __repr__(self): return "<{}: {} at {}>".format( self.__class__.__name__, repr(self.exception), hex(id(self)) ) def __str__(self): return "<{}: {}>".format(self.__class__.__name__, repr(self.exception))