Source code for soco.plugins.example

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Example implementation of a plugin."""

from __future__ import (
    print_function, unicode_literals

from ..plugins import SoCoPlugin

__all__ = ['ExamplePlugin']

[docs]class ExamplePlugin(SoCoPlugin): """This file serves as an example of a SoCo plugin.""" def __init__(self, soco, username): """Initialize the plugin. The plugin can accept any arguments it requires. It should at least accept a soco instance which it passes on to the base class when calling super's __init__. """ super(ExamplePlugin, self).__init__(soco) self.username = username @property def name(self): return 'Example Plugin for {}'.format(self.username)
[docs] def music_plugin_play(self): """Play some music. This is just a reimplementation of the ordinary play function, to show how we can use the general upnp methods from soco """ print('Hi,', self.username) self.soco.avTransport.Play([ ('InstanceID', 0), ('Speed', 1)
[docs] def music_plugin_stop(self): """Stop the music. This methods shows how, if we need it, we can use the soco functionality from inside the plugins """ print('Bye,', self.username)