soco.config module

This module contains configuration variables.

They may be set by your code as follows:

from soco import config
config.VARIABLE = value

The class object to use when SoCo instances are created.

Specify the actual callable class object here, not a string. If None, the default SoCo class will be used. Must be set before any instances are created, or it will have unpredictable effects.

alias of SoCo

soco.config.CACHE_ENABLED = True

Is the cache enabled?

If True (the default), some caching of network requests will take place.

See also

The soco.cache module.

soco.config.EVENT_LISTENER_PORT = 1400

The port on which the event listener listens.

The default is 1400. You must set this before subscribing to any events.

See also

The module.